Libertas 02/13 | European Identities!

What’s your identity?

For me, that’s a tough question to answer. I was born and raised in Germany. However: In the past seven years, I have lived in six different countries: Not only in Germany, but also in the United States, in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in the United Kingdom and in Singapore. I feel that each of these places has shaped my views, my opinions and my identity. So what’s my identity today? Am I a European with an authoritarian touch? Am I a Singaporean with too many credit cards and a taste for welfare states? Or still just a German?

Most days I feel I am sitting in between all chairs. And that’s how many young people in Europe feel like, I believe.


In this latest issue of Libertas our editors explore the subtleties and nuances of an European identity: Our editor Fiona Foulkes explains why the British maintain such a difficult relationship to the European Union. Meanwhile, our LYMEC president Jeroen Diepemaat argues there is an identity crisis across the continent – and he knows how to solve it. Our philosopher Augustin Grenné proclaims that freedom is our shared identity in the Western world. Take a look at their interesting articles!

This latest issue of Libertas will also be my last issue as an editor-in-chief. I took over this magazine in October 2011 and it’s been a fantastic experience for me to develop this LYMEC publication – together with my outstanding deputy editor-in-chief Paul Pryce. However, this summer I will move from academia to the corporate world. This means: Long(er) working hours and less time for politics. Indeed, I am all up for a political break!

Nevertheless: Hope to see you again soon and enjoy the new Libertas!


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