Libertas 01/13: Fundamentalists!


Secularization hits Europe: Religion does not occupy an important place in the life of 84% of Estonia’s citizens. Religion does not matter for 71% of France’s population. Only 52% of the EU’s population still believes in God. With such a post-religious Europe at hand: Why does this issue of Libertas investigate the role of religion in European policy-making? Does religion really matter nowadays? Our authors provide the answer.

To our Libertas Deputy Editor-in-Chief Paul Pryce religion matters because its extremes become more common; such fundamentalism poses a threat to any liberal society. “European liberals need to keep calm”, he suggests arguing that policy-makers must not advocate populist, but thoughtful measures to combat radicals. As a response to this article LYMEC-Bureau-Member Ed Sanderson points out that his home country still has “much work to do” until their policy responses to radicals and terrorism are nuanced, not populist.


Meanwhile, Lorenzo Marchese explores the European Commission approach to fight extremism. In an interview with Catherine Ashton’s spokesperson Michael Mann, he outlines the EU’s four-pillar-approach of prevention, protection, pursuit, and response. An interesting read! At the same time our emerging philosopher Augustin Grenné explains the foundations of religious beliefs in his Philosopher’s Corner.

Are you religious? Which role does the church play in your country? Which policies need to be adopted to combat extremism in your point of view? We are excited to read your thoughts and insights. Please write us and comment on our articles. We will publish selected letters and messages to the editors in our next issue.

Enjoy the new Libertas!



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