Libertas 03/12: Sustainability!


Environmental policy is one of the integral tasks of the European Union (EU): Up to 90% of national laws governing the usage of natural resources, protecting biodiversity or standardizing the disposal of waste originate in Brussels. But is this vast impact of the EU in the realm of environmental policy-making necessary and justified? Which environmental policies should young liberals across Europe fight for? We will investigate these questions in the current issue of Libertas.

Our designated LYMEC president Jeroen argues that liberals need to cut back Europe’s influence in environmental policy-making: “We need to leave room for creative and green entrepreneurs!” Our editor Daniel strongly agrees: “Because young people call for environmental protection, companies will automatically provide environmental protection.” But is this really the true? Our editor Jelena has interviewed the aspiring Greenpeace activist Canem Ozyildirim who believes that more regulation is the key more effective green governance: “Europeans do not oppose regulation in general. That is a helpful attitude. I think of them as an environmental role model.”

Which policies does your country adopt to protect the environment? Do you believe Europe needs more or less environmental regulation? We are excited to read your thoughts and insights. Please write us and comment on our articles. We will publish selected letters and messages to the editors in our next issue.

Enjoy the new Libertas!



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